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Employees and Entrepreneurs say, they are unsuccessful in negotiations due to:

0 %
lack of tools, skills, and/or confidence
1 %
uncertainty about timing and content
1 %
fear of negative office or business perception

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Frequently Asked Questions

Negotiation is an interactive process between parties seeking common ground on issues to reach an agreement to be honored by the parties.

Ideally, the discussion of terms , in a new relationship,  should take place at the beginning of the relationship before an offer has been accepted. 

The goal of negotiations is to be certain there is balance and benefit in the bargain. 

BATNA is an acronym coined by Roger Fisher and William Ury which stands for  “Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement”. 

A contract between two or more business partners in pursuit of a common business strategy on a project. Generally, the  partners agree to share  profits and losses. 

Usually,  mediation consists of a negotiation process that uses an agreed upon third party to settle a dispute. 


Typically, civil disputes with varying issues can be mediated. The Cox Law Firm handles mediations with issues about business, the workplace, personal injury or public policy. 

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